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Owner Name : Sadath U. Khan

Contact Phone : +1-201-787-7592

Email Address :

I am a hard working and result oriented retired pharmaceutical executive/professional. My family and I are passionate about travel and have extensively traveled and vacationed worldwide over the years. One of our favorite vacation destinations in the world is Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida. We have been visiting this place for more than 25 years (over 30 visits) and stayed at various villas and hotels. This vast travel/vacation experience has given me the skills for and knowledge of understanding what is essential with respect to accommodation. With this in mind, I currently own and have interiorly designed a few vacation rental villas that provide the best of everything for our domestic and international clientele. My ideally situated villas offer comfort, luxury, convenience, and a spacious environment all at an affordable cost.

My indispensable goal and promise is Customer Satisfaction, Comfort, Convenience and Affordability supplementing to overall fun and enjoyment in Orlando/Kissimmee, the land of world famous Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and LEGOLAND, – Where dreams come true!

Average Climatic Conditions of Orlando/Kissimmee Area
Month Low High Rainfall (inch) Snowfall(inch)
January 49°F / 9°C 72°F / 22°C 2 0
February 49°F / 9°C 75°F / 24°C 3 0
March 57°F / 14°C 80°F / 27°C 3 0
April 58°F / 14°C 86°F / 30°C 2 0
May 63°F / 17°C 92°F / 33°C 4 0
June 69°F / 21°C 92°F / 33°C 7 0
July 73°F / 23°C 92°F / 33°C 8 0
August 73°F / 23°C 92°F / 33°C 6 0
September 70°F / 21°C 90°F / 32°C 6 0
October 61°F / 16°C 88°F / 31°C 3 0
November 54°F / 12°C 75°F / 24°C 2 0
December 51°F / 11°C 75°F / 24°C 2 0

We recommend you to visit and plug in the zip code 34747. This site will provide information on weather outlook for 10 days. Please note, because of the sub-tropical nature of Florida climate, rainfall can be sudden and heavy. Therefore, in the peak months of rainfall (June through September), rain typically falls daily in the afternoon for a short period before clearing to give superb weather.

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    Contact Us

    Phone : +1-201-787-7592

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